Calculator to check your weapon's power level.

If you want to make sure that your rifle or pistol is performing as it should then with the right information this is easy to confirm.

You will need to Chronograph your weapon and have an average of all your shots and know your pellet weight.

Energy Calculator

Enter Pellet Weight (grains)    grains

Enter Velocity (ft/sec)            ft/sec


Energy (ft-lbs)                        ft-lbs

Energy (joules)                       joules

Velocity Calculator

Enter Energy (ft/lbs)               ft-lbs

Enter Pellet Weight (grain)      grains


Velocity (ft/sec)                     ft/sec

Types of Chronograph which measure weapon efficency



What IS a chronograph?
There are several definitions for the word chronograph, but the kind we are looking at measures the speed of projectiles in flight. Whether they are bullets, arrows, pellets, BBs or rocks shot from a slingshot - as long as they pass through the chronograph sensors, their velocity will be calculated.

What information does the chronograph give you?
The most useful are average velocity, fastest shot, slowest shot and standard deviation between fastest and slowest shots. All of these are great to ensure that your gun is runing at peak performance and more importantly staying within legal limits set.

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