What is HFT and what are the rules?

HFT, or Hunter Field Target, is an air rifle shooting discipline. It’s open to all sub 12ftlb air rifles and consists of 30 metal targets placed in a hunting type environment; virtually all HFT clubs shoot outside to make use of natural woodland and fields.
The targets are painted in bright colours to aid visibility, but can be placed in awkward positions so parts of them are obscured by grasses or twigs. Each target has a “kill zone”, often a white circle shape within it, and hitting this will knock the target down. The target can then be reset by pulling a string.
The sizes of the targets and sizes of the killzones vary, and targets can be placed at distances of 8 yards to 45 yards in a UKAHFT spec competition.
Cambridge HFT also run their own spec competitions where the ranges can be increased to 60 yards and maybe abit more...

How does an HFT competition work?
You will take one shot at each of the 30 targets. You score a *2* if you knock it over (known as a “kill”), score *1* if you hit the target but don’t knock it down (known as a “plate”) and *0* (doughnut!) if you miss it completely.

The maximum score in a competition is 60 (very rarely happens!)

Knockover TargetKnockover Target

Can anyone take part in a competition?
Yes! Anyone over 9 years of age who owns/has the use of an air rifle below the current legislation for non FAC air rifles of 12 foot pound, and regardless of their shooting prowess. The emphasis is more on having a safe enjoyable mornings shooting than having scored a perfect round.
Before the shoot the range officer will give a Safety Brief to outline the clubs rules for safe gun handling and competition rules.

Competitors are put in classes depending on their age or type of air rifle so they can compete fairly against each other.

The classes are;
Open; this is for all .177 calibre PCP (pre-charged), Pneumatic or recoilless air rifles.
Springer / recoiling; this is for spring powered / recoiling air rifles. Gas ram rifles are included in this class.
.22 calibre (any power source); this is for .22 Calibre air rifles.
Junior; this is for junior shooters aged up to 16,- some of whom regularly give the adults a run for their money!



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Parking is available to the rear of the premises when the range is open, please be aware at times it can be busy.


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