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You are about to join a Club that’s been going for more than a hundred years.
Our Clubhouse in Horsham has a 25 yard indoor range and a 33 yard outdoor range.
In addition we are very proud of our outdoor HFT facilities - the envy of many other Clubs.

HFT (Hunter Field Target) is derived from the air gun disciplines of field target shooting and hunting.
A typical course comprises 30 metal targets located in a variety of realistic hunting scenarios (in woodlands) that can present a real challenge to beginners and experienced  shooters alike.   The setup is regularly changed to keep you on your toes !

Targets are in the shape of an animal with a hole through which you hit a lever at the back of the target. If you manage to do that then the animal will “fall down” for two points. It’s not always as easy as it sounds - targets are from 8 to 45 yards and the holes vary from 15 to 45 mm.   A hit to the body of the metal target, (a “plate”) when the animal remains standing, will score one point. No contact at all means no points. (a “doughnut”)  

The HFT section uses the Thursday night slot to “zero” rifles and for practicing.  At our permanent outdoor HFT facility, located near Horsham, we shoot every other Sunday, weather permitting.   We also use this to host Open Shoots and for our annual Charity Event which is currently supporting the St. Catherine’s Hospice in nearby Crawley.

The Air Weapons section shoot pistols and rifles over 10 and 25 yards at the Club’s indoor range. They are air or CO2 powered.   Disciplines are target shooting (incl. competition) and plate shooting (rapid fire pistol).

The Light Sporting Rifle section shoot live rounds of .22 ammunition from relatively small semi-automatic rifles, in our indoor range, over 20 yards.  

The Rifle section uses much larger & heavier rifles over 25 yards for precision target shooting, also at our indoor range.

The Full-Bore section shoot high calibre live ammunition, usually at the open ranges of Bisley,  but not at the Club - we would need a range many times longer.

In addition, we have been known to shoot old-fashioned black powder, muzzle loading pistols.

Between the several sections of our Club we have managed to bring home quite a few medals and other trophies including - we are proud to say - from international competitions.

We are a friendly Club, where the emphasis is for the members to enjoy themselves.

For some this is winning competitions.
For others it just means shooting at a target, be it with an air pistol, air rifle, or rimfire.



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How to find us

The Club address is:, 60d Queens street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AD

Parking is available to the rear of the premises when the range is open, please be aware at times it can be busy.


Horsham Rifle and Pistol Club (HRPC)