Safe Shooting is always a top of our list!


Safety Brief; this is read at the start of all shoots and competitors MUST be present to take part.

  • ALWAYS treat your gun as being loaded at all times, do not use a scope as a carry handle & please carry your gun muzzle down at all times.

  • Guns may only be loaded when you’re at the firing line & only when pointing down range.

  • NEVER Rest the Muzzle on your foot.

  • Multi shot rifles must have the magazines removed & be un-cocked between lanes, fixed magazine rifles must only be loaded with one pellet at a time.

  • Reducing apertures or optical aids fitted to a scope are not allowed.

  • Your trigger finger must not be past the peg or firing line

  • ANY SHOOTER warned twice for a safety violation will be disqualified, in the case of a junior, the responsible parent or guardian will also be asked to leave.

  • One blast of the whistle means stop. Two blasts means all clear (continue shooting)

  • On hearing one blast, if your air rifle is loaded please discharge into the ground safely, at least 8 yards downrange.

  • Do not shoulder your rifle, or look through your scope during a ceasefire.

  • Only one shot is allowed at each target, no sighting shots are allowed,

  • If a target is thought to be faulty, call for a marshal (wearing high visibility vests). Only marshals may cross the firing line.

  • Two blasts on the whistle means that course is clear and you may continue shooting.


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How to find us

The Club address is:, 60d Queens street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AD

Parking is available to the rear of the premises when the range is open, please be aware at times it can be busy.


Horsham Rifle and Pistol Club (HRPC)